This is me

This is Me!

‘This is me’ from The Greatest Showman was a song that many of our members related with. Using Sign Language as a communication aid our members learnt the signs and then performed the song. Isn’t it fantastic!

One Vision Friends Bus

The Little Match Girl

One Vision cinema walk

One mans story from humble beginnings to achieving his dream here we are 21 years later! Thank you Kevin CEO for all you have done.

Wedding Film

Looking for somewhere to have your perfect day? Book One Vision hall today.

Shh! The film is starting

Our members created their own advert to remind everyone in the cinema to turn off their phones, can you guess who put them on hold?

Electric dreams

The end credits to our film The little Match Girl. Then and now look how they’ve all blossomed.

Goggle Box

Gogglebox recreated by our media group. Sit back, Have a laugh and Enjoy!

Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes at everything that goes on to make all our films possible. We have Hair and beauty, Costume Design, Media Crew, Editing, Art, Construction, Prop Shop and SO much more!

Out Takes

Sometimes things don’t go quite to plan but it always turns out great in the end. Here are some outtakes from our latest film.

School of Rock

Our media group recreated the song ‘Rock got no reason’ from the film School of rock.

One Vision performs CATS

For one night only we are sharing our musical performance of CATS. We are extremely proud of all our members and their performance skills are truly outstanding.
Hope you enjoy a night with our CATS.

Toms cruise

Boyzone: A tribute

Our Comedy film based on a cruise ship, our films help to raise confidence and self esteem for our learners

It's good, but its not Carling

Take a look at one of our One Vision advert’s. Members created this through the year to be shown at the trailer for our Blockbuster film.

Fun at One Vision

What a year!

Take a look back through just some of our 2017 highlights! We had an amazing year and can’t wait to create lots of new memories!

Dancing with the stars

We were lucky enough to be visited by a professional dance company who wanted to use our Studios for filming. To say thanks they taught our members some moves. Everyone had a great time!

Bird of Prey

Our Members were all of a flutter during the week as we had a special visit from Lisa and her team, they kindly swooped into to One Vision to give our members a unique experience of saying hello to their Owls, what a fantastic afternoon it was. Thank you so much Lisa and the team, you made our members day

PJ and Popcorn day

A One Vision tradition! PJ and Popcorn day where all our members come in their comfiest clothes to enjoy a film along with lots of popcorn to get us in the festive spirit.

Let's Dance

We were lucky enough to be visited by some professional dancers who helped our members learn some new moves. Lots of fun!

Good times at the Vis

Big smiles all year round here at One Vision, take a look for yourself!

Picnic in the Park!

What a great day at Wigan Park, we all had a lot of fun getting out into the local community!

Flipping good times!

One Vision never misses an opportunity for a good feast! We definitely made the most of pancake day, yum yum!

A Right Royal Wedding!

To celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan getting hitched we threw our own Royal Wedding, complete with minister and royal family. This was definitely the wedding of the year!

It's coming home!

Back when England still had a chance of World Cup glory we produced this Football video to support our boys!

Christmas Videos

Band Aid 2017

All the celebrities from Band Aid regrouped for a very special Christmas video.

One Vision Christmas

Our christmas song to Clayton always remembered.

Snow is falling

Our 2019 signing version of Snow is falling by Shakin Stevens performed by our members.

The Nativity

A couple of rehearsal clips from our 2019 Nativity the Little Drummer Boy.

A visit from Our Princess

Our One Vision ‘Friends bus’ has been sharing smiles, we’ve had dancing, clowning about, fun and games. Our very own princess Megan has also been out on the One Vision ‘Friend Bus’ visiting anyone who needs a friend, With fun, games, and a special performance. The fun never stops on the Friends Bus.

My Hero

Burning Bridges Seq

Getting ready for war; Clip from our 2016 film in collaboration with Hope School ‘My Hero’

My Hero

One Vision and Hope College’s 2016 blockbuster; My Hero. Watch the trailer here.

Halloween Videos

This is Halloween

Only watch if you don’t scare easily! One Visions 2017 Halloween film

Ghost Town

Our halloween spectacular This town is looking like a ghost town.

In loving memory of Leon

Remembering a very special boy and the wonderful times he shared with One Vision

Australian Fires

One Vision and St.Michaels in Chorley worked together to raise awareness about the Australian fires signing to the song Saltwater Wells in My Eyes by Julian Lennon.

Rememberence Day

Remembrance Day 2018

Our amazing Ethan speaks from the heart reading his own poem accompanied by friends signing.

Rememberance Day 2019

Observing one minutes silence respecting and remembering those that fought and fell during the wars.

Rebound Therapy

Our guys at rebound have been ‘jump, jump, jumping around’ and having loads of fun. We are so proud of the progress each individual has made since going to rebound.

An update of what we have been getting upto on our weekly visits to Rebound Therapy. They have made so much progress! Keep up the good work.

The wonderful world of books

Monsters inc.

Welcome to the wonderful world of books, set in One vision’s library.
Our extremely talented member, Mr Ethan Kelly is reading ‘Monsters Inc’. Get yourself settled and let Ethan transport you to see what the monsters are up to.